Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Traveling on the KFB

I apologize for my digital absence. Over the past two weeks I've been tied up with my brother's wedding. It went well, but now I'm ready to get back on track with the KFB.

Some observations on travel in America:

Eating healthy while on the go is hard.

I have no idea how anyone does it. It's much easier if you have control of your transportation or are with others of similar dietary interests. Alas, I had neither. I did the best I could, vying for the "healthier" choices, but we all know what that means -- it's still bad. Not KFB approved, thats for sure.

The KFB is portable.

This is one of my favorite aspects of all of Patrick's teachings: you don't need a gym! Now to be honest, I am behind with my workouts as I was editing video morning to night when not engaged in other family activities, but it felt good to be able to throw my jump rope and pushup bars into my suitcase.

Be an example, not a preacher.

This is particularly hard for me. I love to discuss and debate. However, I have the most impact on those around me when I demonstrate healthy choices. Rattling off, "This has 31 grams of sugar!" can be annoying to some. I will say that it helps to make tangible comparisons. For example, "This has more sugar than a can of soda." Everyone accepts that soda is high in sugar. To exceed that shows how rich in sugar something is.

Alas I am home and feeling better as I was sick yesterday. I am sorry to keep you hanging. Being that travel appears to be a regular part of my future (my next trip is next week), I'd be grateful to hear how you cope with travel and health.



  1. Welcome back. Traveling and eating healthy food has not been easy for me while living in Germany but I try to survive by packing fruit, a spoon for yogurt that can be bought almost everywhere and whole wheat bread.
    A simple salad and some protein at a restaurant if I'm lucky!

  2. Thanks for sharing your traveling observations, David. I'm taking this show on the road next week so I was hoping for a better report on the food front! :-) I'm with Lili, though. I plan to pack a lot of fresh fruit and maybe even a cooler for hard-boiled eggs. I have no idea how long they can last in the wild. I may even try to steer us toward a grocery store each day as we drive so we can pick up fresh raw veggies and already cooked fish for one-off meals.

  3. It's always hard when traveling - if for no other reason that your energy levels and habits are off.

    But being mindful and trying is what is important.

  4. Welcome back David. I hear you on the traveling - its tough but you've got the right attitude!

  5. Lili and Emily, I think you're right in that packing some food will certainly help for shorter trips. Fortunately the one next week is much shorter. Staying near a grocery store would definitely be ideal.

    Heather, I agree, and that is the best attitude to have. Even a moderate change in one's sleep schedule can throw things off. Remaining mindful, though, that's the key as you said.

    Thanks, Michael! Your encouragement is more than appreciated.

  6. Buckle down and have a mean, lean week man!

  7. Great post. I like the idea of being an example as opposed to a preacher. It's probably a more healthy approach for you, too.

    Welcome back!