Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 2 - Sore

It is only day 2 and I am already sore. Like yesterday, I did my workout first thing after waking up. I am going to try to stick to this pattern as if I do not, I will have to tear myself away from whatever I am doing to work out, and that usually never goes well.

Prior to the KFB I knew that I was flabby, but I did not realize what a Tubby Lumpkins I was until I was doing the twist stretches against a wall. I had such a hard time breathing, and I started breaking a heavy sweat. I was miserable and felt sick. Of course, this was coming down from the rest of the exercises, so my heart rate was already elevated.

While I try to focus on the exercise itself, sometimes my mind wanders and I think, "Why am I doing this? Does it really matter that I be this flexible or in control of my body? Does it really matter that I lose weight and look good? Why does any of this really matter today?" My thoughts then transition to, I am sure cliché, images of feudal Japan where these men were creating and designing things like Kung Fu. I imagine myself there, making mistakes in my posture and form; the teacher explaining to me, "You must bring your shoulders back here. Lift your hips there. See how I can pull you off balance? See how little power you have here?"

In this moment, I see how these forms were creating for combat and defense; but I also get a sense of something deeper -- mastery of the body.

Slothful Me: "But why? Why do you care if you master your body in the 21st century? We are knowledge workers, not warriors!"

Real Me: "Why not? Why not have complete self control? Why not seek to better yourself? It is like wearing a seatbelt or a bike helmet: you wear them for when they are needed. You will need the full extent of your body someday. Besides, why wouldn't you want to feel better about yourself?"

Slothful Me: "Bah! I look good enough-"

Real Me: "There's good and then there's great. Go beyond the mere vanity of others and do it for yourself. Do it so that when you wake up, you know that you are a better you -- you are the real you! You have confidence, posture, self esteem, power and flexibility. The mind and body are one."

Slothful Me: "..."

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  1. Good luck David! It's going to be an interesting, illuminating three months!