Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 1 - It Has Begun

It feels good to part of another conditioning project. There is something powerful about being on a team with others. It is inspiring, motivating.

I just finished my first workout of the Kung Fu Body. I struggled and put on a sweat, but I feel damn good for doing so. I think I pushed myself pretty well for just having come off of a short road trip where pit-stops at unhealthy food joints were my daily food intake.

Time for a 180.

The part of the KFB that I had been looking forward to the most is the meditation. I have been meaning to do this for, well, a very long time; but I never took the time to do so. I found that a five minute meditation goes very fast. I did try meditating once back on the PCP, but I found myself incredibly frustrated with my lack of ability to control my thoughts. This time, I just let go, bringing myself back to the pitter-patter of rain outside my window. This time, meditation was relaxing and... educational.

I really enjoyed the punching and kicking we had to do as part of our agility training. I put some muscle into it and imagined some bad guy targets, but I found myself mostly concentrating on form, watching where my punches landed in correlation to where I wanted them to land. Were my hands protecting my face at all times? How did my shoulders and hips rotate? Patrick told us that these agility exercises were in order to link our bodies and minds. I think I get it.

The hardest part of the workout, by far, was my stomach flab that kept getting in the way. Even worse, it made it hard to breathe in various poses. Having stomach flab is like living in a claustrophobic you. I can't believe I ever let myself put it back on post PCP, but I know exactly why. I told myself, "Hey, you worked so hard for three months. You can lighten up a little bit." Yeah, well a little bit became a lot.

I'm not going to proclaim that I won't make any future mistakes when it comes to my health. I am not going to try to tell myself and those reading this that I am a changed man, one whom will be destined for that Kung Fu Body for life. Instead, I will simply say this:

I am a changing man. I will continue to make mistakes, learn, and refine. My hope is that I will continue to change for the better, than a year from now I will have the body I will have in three months. But let us not get caught up on future things. For now, I change.

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